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Ni No Kuni 2 Guide: Tips For Using The Tactic Tweaker

by Jelani James


Seeing as it’s an action-RPG, most of your time in Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom will be spent fighting against enemies of various shapes and sizes. And while a solid understanding of combat and a bit of wit will take you far in this game, true mastery over battle will only come once you get acquainted with an interesting little feature called the Tactic Tweaker.

What Is The Tactic Tweaker?

The Tactic Tweaker is a feature you unlock early in the game which allows you to adjust various aspects related to battle. Accessible via the Pause Menu, players can do anything from boosting how experience your party gains after battle to increasing your resistance to specific status effects and even lengthening your period of invincibility after dodging.

How Does It Work?

Whenever a character levels up, you’re provided with a point (referred to in-game as Battle Points) and gaining a pre-determined amount of them allows you to adjust various facets of the Tactic Tweaker the way you’d like.

There are four categories to consider:

Monster Affinities: Boosts the amount of damage your party is able to deal to specific types of monsters.

— Solidity vs. Sliminiess
— Nature vs. Nobility
— Wonder vs. Wildness

Elements and Ailments: Boosts your party’s resistance to specific elemental damage and/or status ailments.

— Blaze vs. Befuddlement (Confusion)
— Puddle vs. Poisoning
— Bedazzlement (Light) vs. Blackness (Dark)
— Scirocco (Wind) vs. Sleep

Spoils Settings: Alters the drops and rewards you gain from defeating enemies.

— Growth (Exp) vs. Gold
— Refinement (Exp) vs. Rarity (Rare Materials)
— Finds (Rare Materials) vs. Finery (Rare Equipment)
— Cash vs. Kit (Rare Equipment)

Arts of War: Enhances the abilities of your party in battle.

— Durability: Damage reduction while blocking
— Untouchability: Invulnerability period while evading
— Fleet-Footedness: Increases escape speed
— Dynamism: MP restoration speed
— Eagle-Eyedness: Increases strong ranged attack charge speed
— Brutality: Damage inflicted by heavy attacks

As you’ll notice, many of the adjustable parameters are “opposed” to one another, basically meaning that it’s impossible to benefit from two connected parameters at once (e.g. your party can’t be resistant to both dark and light-based damage at the same time). That said, none of them are antagonistic towards each other, so boosting one isn’t going to make you weaker or vulnerable to the other (e.g. your party being resistant to dark won’t make them weak against light).

Are There Any Parameters That Should Be Prioritized?


It’s worth mentioning that you can adjust these settings on the fly and even get whole refunds by spending Kingsguilders (the currency of your kingdom), but indeed there are.

Going all-in on Spoils Settings asap and boosting Growth + Refinement and Finery + Kit is highly recommended. A constant boost to exp gain from the beginning of the game ensures that your party will never be under-leveled (unless you actively choose to ignore enemy encounters) and a boost to rare equipment drop rates means that you can hold on to your equipment for longer periods of time without replacing them, thus saving you money in the long run.

Next, you have the option of going to Monster Affinities and Arts of War. If you choose the former, then going Sliminess, Nature and Wonder/Wildness are your best options since enemies of those types are the most frequent. Meanwhile, going with Brutality, Untouchability and Dynamism above all else is the way to go if you choose the latter.

Lastly, Elements and Ailments is the category to heavily invest in last. If you go with the recommended investments, then you’ll likely be at a decent level without needing to grind, have strong equipment, deal solid damage and have a lengthy period of invincibility while evading, meaning that damage mitigation isn’t really necessary. Of course, mistakes will be made and some enemies do hit rather hard, so feel free to put in a few points here or there beforehand if you want a bit of a safety cushion.

All in all, you can pick whatever you want and have a relatively easy time, but the above order is the one I went with and it worked out rather well.

That’s it for the Tactics Tweaker in Ni no Kuni 2. It’s a fun little way to spice up the game and tune the party the way you’d like. It would have been nice if there was a way to use it to make fights actually hard, but this is perfectly fine too.

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- This article was updated on:March 19th, 2018

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