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Ni No Kuni 2 Guide: Using Leafbook

by Jelani James


Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom’s world isn’t so different from our own when you think about it. Sure, it has magic, dragons and enchanted forests, but just like us, it has social networking apps and the one you’ll be using throughout the course of the game is called Leafbook.

Introduced near the start of Chapter 2, Leafbook — much like social media in our world — isn’t necessary and usually pointless, but can occasionally be extremely beneficial. Every so often, you’ll receive a notification stating that there are new posts up and you should press L3 to check them. Upon heeding the game’s advice, you’ll open up the Leafbook app where you can read posts by other users. For the most part, these posts will all be fluff, with them usually sharing pictures, discussing current events or talking about something that recently happened in their lives.

However, every so often, you’ll see a post talking about various named NPCs who can be convinced to become citizens of your Kingdom after fulfilling certain requirements. Though not all of them follow this rule, you can be sure that if the post has a heading which reads “Ones to Watch” or “Dating Disasters,” then they can be recruited.

In addition, several posts can provide hints about where to go or how to access various side content. For example, one user is fond of hiding various items within places you’ve previously visited and will post a picture to serve as clue for its location, while another will show a picture a dilapidated ruin and a user will mention a spell that could restore it to its former glory.

There are a good number of posts like this, so its worth checking out Leafbook whenever you get the chance — it could be worth your while.

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