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Ni No Kuni 2: How to Recruit Tyran the Untamed to Evermore


Tyran the Untamed is a character that you’ll run into occasionally throughout the story of Ni No Kuni 2.  Just as soon as you start building your kingdom, this leader of bandits in the region will challenge you to Skirmish Battles.

This is actually a multi-stage quest that allows you to recruit Tyran to your ranks.  As you continue to progress in the game, Tyran will send you letters via one of the citizens in your town.  Periodically check in with the local map to see if anyone has any side quests for you.  Keep accepting Tyran’s battle requests and eventually you’ll land in an encounter where you’ll need to team up with the warrior and his soldiers.

After this battle, Tyran will send one final letter that asks you to meet him in the Grotto south of Evermore.  Here, you’ll be sent out on a quest to find three of his bandit friends.  Once all three bandits are found and this side mission is completed, you can revisit Tyran and he will become a citizen of Evermore

Tyran is a warrior citizen and and can boost your Skirmish abilities by putting him to work in the barracks.

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