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Ni No Kuni 2: Sin Gul Name Solution

by William Schwartz


In Ni No Kuni 2 you can build the Kingdom of Evermore and fill it with up to 100 unique citizens that you’ll find in the game through completing side quests, main story missions, and other encounters.  Some of these characters will become permanent residents of Evermore with very little coaxing, but others will require more lengthy tasks or riddles to get them to join.

One such character is Sin Gul, who will only join your Kingdom if you can figure out a puzzle.  Sin Gul is short for a much longer name, and your job is to figure out what if full name is.  The long way to do this is by visiting each major town in the game and asking the residents there until someone gives you some information about the character.

The shortcut is to use this guide for his name.

Sin Gul Puzzle Solution

Sin – Tstaykenmayt – Haoozbiznis – Sbinawile – Watsamata – Gul

Simply plug these names in in this order and Sin Gul will join Evermore’s ranks.  This character has a unique ability that allows for researching unique powers in the game so it’s worth it to add him to your ranks as soon as possible.  You’ll find Sin Gul at Capstan-upon-Hull in the latter parts of the game.  This masked figure will be waiting by the entrance to the town.

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