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Nier Replicant: How to Get Mouse Tail and Lizard Tail

Mouse Tails and Lizard Tails may be tricky to locate without some hints

by Victor Vellas


Nier: Replicant has a ton of side quests to do and the Ballad of the Twins in particular needs you to locate and bring two certain items, called Mouse Tail and Lizard Tail respectively. Well, in fact, a couple of them are needed, not just one. While not hard to collect, they can be rather tricky to find at first, as you pretty much have no indication as to how to get those tails. If one thing is for sure though, is that both the Mouse Tail and Lizard Tail, are obtained through the respective creatures. Let’s see where you can find them.

Where to find Mouse Tail and Lizard Tail in Nier: Replicant

First off, to even start the corresponding quest, you need to speak with a villager in Village’s Tavern. Then you will be tasked with speaking to Devola and Popola respectively, so find the first one on the right side of the same place and then go to Popola in the Library, where her office is located at. She will ask for a drink from the Tavern in Seafront, so you will need yet again to travel somewhere else in order to continue with the quest. Go there, and finally the Tavern Keeper will tell you that in order to give you what you asked for, he needs five Mouse Tails and five Lizard Tails. Hence starting the fetching part of the quest.

Mouse Tail Location

After doing all of that back and forth, you will need to travel to Junk Heap: Outside. That is where some mice can be found and ‘extract’ from them, to put it gently, a Mouse Tail from them. In only two spots they are available to catch, the first one being in the center-ish part of the map, right next to the teal dot you can see if you have it opened.

For the second spot, follow the path like if you were going to Junk Heap: 1F, but don’t go down that road. Take a look at the first turn you will find towards that pathway, which is on the right side of the map, and you should be able to find some mice running all over that area. Additionally, please note that if you exit and re-enter the same map, those creatures will respawn so you can collect the five Mouse Tails needed, if you didn’t have the chance getting all of them the first time visiting the place.

Lizard Tail Location

For the Lizard Tail, you will need to take a trip to Northern Plains. Quite a bigger place in comparison to Junk Heap: Outside, but the lizards are even easier to spot, with three spots this time you can find them in. One is right in the middle of the map, at the exact center of the white pathway you can see if you have it opened.

The other two are very close to each other, and you need to go to the Eastern part of the Northern Plains, a couple of meters before entering Junk Heap: Outside. There isn’t a specific spot they lay at, so look around there and you should be able to locate enough of them to gather their tails. Also, as mentioned above for the Mouse Tail, you exit and re-enter the area every lizard will respawn, so do this for as many times as needed in order to gather enough of their Lizard Tail for completing the Ballad of the Twins quest.

After you have five of each, return to the Tavern Keeper, give the Mouse Tail and Lizard Tail that you have gathered and you will have the drink for Popola ready. Give it to her and receive your reward.

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… is available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more related content about the game, make sure to check our guides right here.


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