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Nintendo Switch Guide: How to Remove Joy-Con Wrist Strap

by Kyle Hanson


The Nintendo Switch is an exceptionally well made device. The system is solid, the Joy-Con are fascinating, and the way they interact is always impressive. One thing is causing a lot of headaches though: the Joy-Con wrist straps. These add-ons make the Joy-Con work better when used by themselves, but they’re tough to take off, and some people are putting them on backwards, resulting in an almost totally locked device. Here’s how to remove the Joy-Con wrist strap, even if you put it on backwards.

First off, make sure that the + and – symbols match up with the controller. If they do, then the Joy-Con wrist strap is on the correct way, and you can take it off the normal way. To do this make sure that the locking mechanism is not engaged on the bottom, if it is you want to pull it down, away from the controller. Then just remove the wrist strap as if the Joy-Con was connected to the Switch itself, by pressing down the release button on the top and sliding it.

If the Joy-Con wrist strap is on backwards, with the + or – symbols on the wrong side, then it’s a bit trickier. The method is still similar, but the lock likes to engage randomly. Make sure it is disengaged by pulling on it, and possibly holding it in place, then hold down the release button and slide the wrist strap off the same way you put it on, by sliding it downward. This will require a lot of force, so don’t worry about breaking it too much.

If this doesn’t work then you need to get really serious about it. Find a flat head screwdriver or something with a similarly flat edge. Near the locking mechanism, which should wrongfully be near the top of the controller, slide the flat head in while holding the lock mechanism in a disengaged position. This should trigger the internal switches, allowing you to slide the wrist strap off.

Hopefully this helps solve the mystery of how to remove the Joy-Con wrist straps for Nintendo Switch. Let us know in the comments if you need any additional help.

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