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Nioh 2: Complete Edition – How to Change Appearance

Change it up as much as you want!

by Joshua Garibay


We’ve all been there before. After spending an eternity of meticulously fine-tuning each slider to create the ideal character, the action in-game provides an angle or lighting that reveals a facial flaw. It cannot be unseen. You find yourself drawn to the blemish, eyes fixed on it in cutscenes and gameplay.

Before you start toying around with the idea of starting a new save to give yourself another shot at perfection, take comfort in the fact that Nioh 2 allows you to quickly and easily redo sliders and other customization selections.

How to Change Your Appearance

To change your appearance, navigate to the Starting Point on the world map. Highlight and select the Hut option at the top of the associated list. Immediately at the top of the list that follows is a self-explanatory option called “Change Your Appearance.”

A side bar will pop out next. Click OK on Character Creation. This will return the player to the same character creator present at the beginning of the game. Modify any values you wish and save your updated protagonist.

There is no cost associated with this feature nor is there a limit on the number of its uses. So go nuts and get creative!

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