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Nioh 2 – How to Save

Never worry about losing even a minute of progress.

by Brandon Adams


Nobody enjoys losing tens-of-hours of progress, especially in brutal Souls-like games like Nioh 2 where each victory can feel like a massive wall to overcome. I have good news then for Nioh 2 fans: there isn’t much to worry about when learning how to save.

Saving in Nioh 2 is largely automatic, but can be done manually from the map screen.

Nioh 2 has an auto-save feature baked in, and it comes into play whenever you die, visit a shrine, or return to the map. I tested this multiple times myself, bouncing back and forth between the game and the title screen, and I can confidently claim the game will remember where you last left off.

For those who are a touch more paranoid than myself, they can click Triangle on the map screen to force a save. Nioh 2 only maintains one save slot per character, so don’t think this will create a duplicate you can fall back on if a mission goes sideways. As mentioned, you can create more than one character and each will have their own slot on your PS4.

That’s how to save in Nioh 2. The game has your back, even as it actively stabs you with its brutal difficulty.

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