Nioh 2 Multiplayer Guide: How to Play Co-Op With Friends

Two half-demon samurais are better than one.

by Elliott Gatica

Nioh 2 is not an easy game. It’s on par with being one of the harder soulslike games in the expanding catalog of that genre. Many people are going to struggle within the first few levels and in typical games like these, the legendary difficulty can be mitigated by playing cooperatively. Here’s how you can play co-op multiplayer with friends in Nioh 2.

How to Play Multiplayer Co-Op in Nioh 2

There are two ways to play this game cooperatively. The first is to make or join a lobby and take on a mission from the start. The next way is to invite someone as a visitor in a currently ongoing mission.

If you want to experience a full-on cooperative experience in the game, follow the first method. This can be done by utilizing the Torii Gate mode. Here, you can create or join a lobby with set parameters such as mission, difficulty, and setting up a password.

In Torii Gate, you and up to two other players will start a mission at the very beginning, sharing a co-op meter. This is a shared life bar. The more times you die, the more it depletes. Once that bar depletes, it’s game over.


As for inviting visitors, this can be done mid-mission in a solo instance. Upon reaching a shrine, there is an option to summon a visitor. It requires Ochoko Cups, so make sure you have some in your inventory. If there’s someone who picks the mission and chooses to “Become a Visitor,” they will be matched with you there.

In the case of summoning a visitor, you can also set a password up to only allow friends to join you. Here, the cooperative aspects are a bit more watered down. There is no shared life bar or anything. If the host dies with a visitor in their game, that visitor is forced to leave.

So, with that in mind, the best way is to play cooperatively via the Torii Gate. One thing you should note is that not all missions can be accessed through this mode. The missions where you can’t use Torii Gate are the ones that are dedicated to boss levels. Still, the majority of the game can be played cooperatively, making the difficulty significantly reduced.

Nioh 2 is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 1st, 2022

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