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Nioh Guide: How To Find And Use Kodama

by Mike Guarino


Pretty much everything that you come across in Nioh is hideous and is trying to murder you, but that isn’t the case with absolutely everything in the game. One thing that bucks that trend are little green creatures called Kodama, which are scattered throughout each of the game’s dungeons. This guide will get you up to speed on the curious characters, as well as inform you on how they can make your adventure a little easier.

First of all, there are a set amount of Kodama that you can find in each mission, and the mission screen will tell you how many of them there are for you to find. While some of them will be fairly easy to spot, there are plenty of them that are well-hidden and will require you to search every nook and cranny in order to find them. When you’ve spotted one, all you have to do is go up to it and press the x button when the “Guide Kodama to Shrine” message appears. The Kodama will then do a silly little dance, and then will be off to the area’s shrine.

While these little creatures are collectibles that are necessary in order to unlock the Kodama Leader trophy, they have many more practical uses that will make life easier for you. The first of these are the Kodama Blessings, which vary depending on the Kodama you find. The color of the Kodama’s hat signifies the kind of blessing you can get, which are the following:

Oracle Blessing – Increases the amount of Amarita acquired by a percentage

Swordsman Blessing – Increases weapon drop rate by a percentage

Warrior Blessing – Increases armor drop rate by a percentage

Healer Blessing – Increases Elixir drop rate by a percentage

Hunter Blessing – Increases ammunition drop rate by a percentage

You need to pay gold in order to activate these blessings and only one can be active at a time, but the price is so small that it never becomes an issue. Whenever you have discovered Kodama, make sure that you immediately activate a blessing at the next opportunity to give you some much-welcomed help. Also, finding more of the same type of Kodama will increase the percentage listed, making each of the blessings more powerful. Each blessing has five levels that you can utilize.

The last and possibly best thing Kodama can do for you is increase the amount of elixirs you can hold. For every five that you find you will be granted an additional elixir, which carries over to other missions in the region. Seeing as how scarce healing opportunities can be and the difficulty of the game, this is a massive help.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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