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Nioh Guide: How To Summon Visitors & Play Co-Op

by Mike Guarino


Nioh’s world is one that constantly puts you in harm’s way as loads of enemies, bottomless pits and other hazards seek to end you, but it’s a journey that you don’t always have to take alone. The game actually allows you to bring along another player for the ride, as long as you have the right item. This guide will get you up and running on how to summon visitors and play co-op.

If at any time you feel like things have gotten too tough for you, then it’s time to ask for some help. Go over to a Shrine and select the Summon Visitor option, first ensuring that you’re connected to the game’s network. If you’re not, make sure that you’re signed into PlayStation Network and press the R3 button while in the Shrine’s menu. Once you’ve selected Summon Visitor, you have to hand over Ochoko Cups in order to be able to summon someone. The amount is up to you, but the more you offer makes it more enticing for someone to help you out. After that, all you have to do is wait and eventually the game will match you up with someone.

While the above method can be used to summon a visitor to help you out with the section of the area you’re in, you can also summon them to complete entire levels together. To do this, go to the world map and select the base icon. Select Torii Gate from the menu, and then choose Yokai Realm with a Companion. This will allow you to start from the very beginning of a level with a helper, and if you complete the level then it counts as a completion for both players.

Of course, seeing as you can summon other people into your game, it should be pretty clear that you can also be summoned into other people’s games. In order to do this, click on the temple icon while on the world map and select Torii Gate again. When you’re there, select Random Encounters to set you up to be able to be summoned by another player. While you can make it so that you can be summoned by anyone, you also have the option to password-protect yourself if you’re trying to help someone in particular.

This is everything you need to know on how to summon visitors and be summoned yourself in Nioh. This is a feature that will be a lifesaver for those who are less accustomed to these kinds of games, because bringing along someone else can make things much easier. Keep in mind that only one person can be summoned at a time, so you can’t amass a small army to lay waste to everything the game puts in front of you. Finally, the person you summon has to have beaten the part you’re on, so you can’t use this method to get through the entire game easily.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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