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Nioh Guide: Where To Find All 6 Hiragumo Teakettle Fragments

by Mike Guarino


When you get to the Spider Nest Castle mission of Nioh, you’ll find what are called Hiragumo Teakettle Fragments that are scattered throughout the entire area. There are six of them in all, and collecting all of them will get you the Ressurector of Hiragumo trophy for your efforts. This guide will help you track down every last one of them.

As you make your way through Spider Nest Castle, you’ll quickly understand where it got its name from. The place is home to giant and deadly spiders, and certain ones will have these fragments. You need to destroy the glowing orange spiderwebs that you’ll find throughout the level, which will then summon the spider that has the fragment. The following are the six locations:

Hiragumo Teakettle Fragment #1: You’ll find this one near the beginning of the mission, as you’ll need to climb the nearby spiderweb ramps. When you get to the top you’ll notice the orange glowing spiderweb on the right, which you’ll need to destroy to summon the spider with the first fragment.

Hiragumo Teakettle Fragment #2: Keep going and avoid the giant boulder that will come rolling towards you as you go up the hills. Once you’re off the ramps you’ll be near a ledge on the right that you need to drop down from, which will end you up in a courtyard. The orange spiderweb that you need to destroy will be over the gate.

Hiragumo Teakettle Fragment #3: You’ll find a house shortly after destroying the spiderweb on the gate from the previous fragment, which you’ll need to go inside of. Going into a room on the right in the back of the house will cause an Oni to appear, and you’ll find the “Key to the Castle Gates.” Now you have to leave the house through side-gate and drop into the nearby well. This will lead you to a cave, and the second room of it will have the next orange spiderweb that needs to be destroyed.

Hiragumo Teakettle Fragment #4: Once you leave the cave containing the previous fragment, you’ll need to go into the next area that has an arena where you’ll fight multiple enemies. Once you’ve taken them all down, look up at the tower that is near the entrance of the arena. You’ll notice that there’s an orange spiderweb on it, so shoot it with an arrow to destroy it.

Hiragumo Teakettle Fragment #5: Now it’s time to go back to the locked castle gates and open them using the key mentioned in the hunt for the third fragment. Take a right from the Shrine and go down the cliffs to find an area with a Guardian Spirit, and the orange spiderweb will be near it.

Hiragumo Teakettle Fragment #6: Go back to the Shrine mentioned in the previous fragment, but this time go up to the top level of the castle. Look to the left of the building in the center of the upper courtyard, and you’ll spot the orange spiderweb past the spider eggs.

Once you’ve done all that you will have officially found all of the Hiragumo Teakettle Fragments, which means that you have unlocked the Ressurector of Hiragumo trophy!

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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