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No Man’s Sky Guide: How To Buy/Get A New Spaceship

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by Damian Seeto

If you want to change your spaceship in No Man’s Sky, you’ll be happy to know that it’s relatively easy to do so. All you need is enough money to buy a new one.

The first thing you have to do is fly up into space and find a space station. You can find space stations as a waypoint that is highlighted with a red icon. If you move the cursor over the red icon, it should tell you if you have found a space station. New spaceships can also be found at some Trading Posts which are located on some planets. Use your scanner or spaceship’s scanner to find them.

When you fly into a space station, you will land and you can get out. If you stay by the hangar for a little bit, you will see other space ships in No Man’s Sky landing near you. You are free to approach any of the spaceships in the hangar to talk to the aliens that own them.

If you press the Square Button, you should get a conversation started with the alien owner. You can make the alien an offer to buy their ship off of them. From the spaceships I have seen so far in No Man’s Sky, they range from between 250,000 units to over 1 million units.

Buying new spaceships in No Man’s Sky can be very useful because they can have stronger weapons or they can store more inventory. Bear in mind, your inventory will be switched if you choose to buy a new spaceship from an alien.

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