No More Heroes 3: How to Create and Equip Death Glove Chips

Once you pop, you just can't stop.

by Andron Smith

The Death Glove is a huge part of Travis’ toolkit and knowing how to create and equip Death Glove Chips will give you more control over your playstyle. Death Glove Chips come in all sorts of varieties including berserker style chips that push your attack higher while lowering your defense and even a chip that helps you locate some of the many collectibles throughout the city by pinging when they’re close by. Did you know that our review of No More Heroes 3 was played entirely on Spicy Difficulty? For some reason, our reviewer went full attack on his skills and berserker chips which worked surprisingly well if you’d like to give that shot. With that tangent out of the way, here’s everything we know on how to create and equip Death Glove Chips in No More Heroes 3.

How to Create and Equip Death Glove Chips in No More Heroes 3

To create and equip Death Glove Chips in No More Heroes 3, you’ll need to go to Naomi’s lab and use the Death Glove Chip computer in between the time machine and the sushi menu table. To create new Death Glove Chips, you’ll need to have enough parts obtained by defeating enemies and bosses as well as a small amount of UC to finish the creation. To equip them, instead, choose Equip from the menu and you can use up to three at once. See below for some tips on how to create better chips.

Better, Faster, Stronger

Death Glove Chips with stats all seem to have EX versions that offer a bigger boost. To gain access to the EX versions, you first need to encounter the material through one of the below methods. The further in the game you proceed, the more materials appear as well:

  • Completing boss battles using the Time Machine on each difficulty
  • Completing Designated Matches
  • Completing Defense Missions
  • Collecting and turning in collectibles such as playing cards and scorpions

No More Heroes 3 is available now on the Nintendo Switch. Be sure to check the rest of our No More Heroes 3 Guides while you’re here!