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No More Heroes 3: How to Recharge Your Beam Katana

Batteries sorta' included.

Knowing how to recharge your Beam Katana is vital to life or death when it comes to the fierce battles you’ll face during the game. Running out of power right before a finishing strike is devastating but luckily not irrecoverable.  While No More Heroes 3 does a fantastic job with its often humorous tutorials which can be reviewed when needed, it’s still easy to miss some of the methods of how to recharge your katana. Lucky for you, we’ve got all of the currently known methods right here. Here’s everything we know on how to recharge your Beam Katana in No More Heroes 3.

How to Recharge Your Beam Katana in No More Heroes 3

To recharge your Beam Katana in No More Heroes 3, the primary method is to hold down the R button then shake the JoyCon or move the joystick up and down depending on the mode you are playing in. That’s not all though! See below for the other two methods of recharging your saber!

Pro Wrestling Sushi Gobbler

The other two methods to recharge your beam saber during battle are through executing pro-wrestling moves on stunned enemies or eating sushi to recover your power.

  • Pro Wrestling Method: Keep hitting an enemy until they have stars around their head which means they are stunned. Once stunned press (but don’t hold) your ZR button to grab the stunned enemy followed by either swinging both your JoyCons up or pushing both your left and right thumbsticks up when the prompt appears. This of course varies by your chosen control method. This method completely recharges your beam Katana’s power. This really makes it easy to continue the flow of battle and looks hella cool.
  • Susi Eating: Buy Kappa-maki from the Sushi Vendor Bugzaburo and during battle, use it to recover 100% of your Beam Katana’s power instantly. Only one use per battle though so be sure to stock up before a major fight.

No More Heroes 3 is available now on the Nintendo Switch. Be sure to check the rest of our No More Heroes 3 Guides while you’re here!

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