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Oninaki: How To Dodge

Select the right Daemon.

by Dean James


Oninaki features a very unique gameplay system that provides you with a large arsenal of different attacks and abilities as you play through the game. You may expect the ability to dodge to be a basic move you would have access to, but that is not quite the case in Oninaki. This guide will explain how you can have access to dodging in the game.

How To Dodge in Oninaki

When you first start up Oninaki, you will be paired with the Daemon named Aisha that features sword based combat. Immediately you should notice that you have access to a dodge attack by pressing B, which works well to avoid strong enemy attacks. However, this is not an ability you’ll always have unless you do something specific.

Each of the different Daemons come with a special skill that you can access with B, with Aisha’s being Dodge. This means that if you switch to another Daemon, which you are certainly going to want to do, you will lose this ability.

The good news is that Oninaki makes it rather easy for you to switch between Daemons, with you able to have four equip at any given time. These are switched between via the right analog stick, where you can switch back to Aisha if you were using another by chance.

This is a case where you’ll have to find your favorite four to have overall, but Aisha is definitely a good one to have for up close combat and the ability to dodge. Dodging comes in very handy against some of the bosses, so be sure to keep it in your back pocket for those situations if you find yourself using the ability often.

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