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Oninaki: How To Equip Shadestones

Augment your weapons to gain additional bonuses.

by Dean James


The Daemon system in Oninaki lends itself to a lot of variety, with each Daemon having a bunch of weapons to choose from when you find them throughout the game. On top of the weapons themselves, some of them also have what are known as Shadestone Slots that you can fill, but you cannot equip these from the menu or even the save stations. This guide will explain where you can equip them at in the game.

How To Equip Shadestones in Oninaki

Whenever you acquire a new weapon, it is also important to look to see if they have any Shadestone spots. These are not specific to a type of weapon either, as you can have one weapon have a Shadestone slot and another copy of the same weapon not have one.

If you want to equip Shadestones that you acquire during the game as dropped loot, you must take a similar route as to upgrade weapons. Travel to Deto within Szaka from the World Map and select spot #2 to travel to. Upon arrival, head directly to the left and speak to the Alchemist.

From here, select Equip Shadestones obviously and a list of all of the weapons in your inventory currently will appear. Select the weapon you want to equip Shadestones to and you can easily place how many ever Shadestones that weapon has slots for. As said above, some may have zero, but they can also go up to three as well.

The Shadestones can provide boosts to the player, such as increasing attack in a variety of different ways, inflicting poison, and much more. Always keep an eye out for new Shadestones you acquire and make a point to come back and replace the older ones when you find ones that are superior.

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