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Oninaki: How To Level Up Quickly

Take advantage of the Veil.

by Dean James


Oninaki does a pretty good job at preventing you from having to grind to advance through the game, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to level up anyways. Doing this is pretty natural, but there are some tips that can help you level up well throughout Oninaki. This guide will detail how to get stronger and level up in the game fast.

How To Level Up Quickly in Oninaki

Outside of a few special cases, the idea of leveling up in gaming and especially RPGs is pretty standard across the board. You fight enemies you come across, obtain XP from defeating them, and that adds up until you level up, and then rinse and repeat. That is the case in Oninaki as well, but there are definitely some good strategies to level up a bit faster.

As we just said, the main goal is to find enemies and defeat them to earn XP. However, you may soon run out of enemies and move onto the next area. Oninaki is unique thought in that it has two realms to explore and you may not always think about the fact that the Veil has a completely different batch of enemies from the Living World.

To level up the quickest, take out all enemies in a small area and then switch to the Veil. This time fight all of these enemies here and stay in the Veil as you move forward and take on more enemies. When these enemies are defeated, switch back to the Living World and fight the new enemies you will find there as you had no visited this area outside of the Veil yet. This back and forth strategy avoids the feeling of grinding, while also helping you to level up.

In addition, it is a good idea to find your strongest Daemons and focus on using them if you are simply trying to level Kagachi up. The fastest you take down enemies with these attacks, you’ll earn XP more rapidly and level up even quicker.

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