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Oninaki: How To Unlock Daemon Lore

by Dean James


Daemons serve a central role in Oninaki, as they are the focus of the game’s combat system. They are not simply weapons for you to use though, as each one has a backstory of their own as well, which are unlocked through lore for each one of them. This guide will detail how you can unlock the lore for each of the Daemons.

How to Unlock Daemon Lore in Oninaki

Every time you acquire a new Daemon, you have lore to discover for each one of them. This is done through the Skill Tree for each and every Daemon, so bring up the Skill Tree first of all.

When you are in here, you need to scroll around and you will discover a spot known as ___’s Memory 1 for the respective Daemon with a cost of 0 to unlock. This is always the case with each Daemon, as you can get their first Memory for free.

After you unlock more of the Skill Tree, you can advance further and will notice there are more of these, so find the additional Memory spots, which you have to spend Stones for that specific Daemon on.

After you unlock these Memory spots, now it is time to view the lore for them. This isn’t done from the menu as you might assume, but specifically at the save station monuments found throughout the game. Go to one of these and interact with it, and then go up one to Daemon Lore and click on it. From here, open whichever Daemon Lore you want to watch and sit back for a cutscene explaining their past.

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