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Outriders: How to Fix Old Powers Bug

See the alternative route for this bugged quest

by Victor Vellas


Outriders had its fair share of problems, most of them being fixed by now, but there are still a couple of hiccups left like the one in the Old Powers side quest. This one is yet another of the multitude of side tasks you can complete in Outriders, with the only difference being it’s one of those that are partially bugged. If you ended up here, either this means you have encountered this misbehavior or you are preemptively trying to avoid it. Whatever the case, let’s find out the the temporary solution for this bug, right below.

How to fix Old Powers side quest bug in Outriders

What happens during the Old Powers side quest, is that the quest tracker seems to be acting weird after you reach the third section/ part of this mission. You encounter certain obelisks, and during the third one you find the tracker shows the wrong directions in order to continue with the mission. Fortunately, this is the only malfunction during the quest, so you are not locked out of completing it or anything of the likes.

The tracker doesn’t update with the side quest’s new destination, therefore it sends you to a blocked pathway with no hint as to how to bypass it. In reality, you need to go through a different route, which should be shown instead. After each obelisk the destination changes, hence why it can be confusing for the player and from what it seems for the quest tracker as well. To save you some time, here is where you need to look at after advancing to the third area, without taking in consideration the quest tracker:

  • Start from your Flag, and make your character face the stairs in that place. If you orient yourself through the in-game map, that’s where the overgrown statue area would be.
  • On your left, you should have the Hidden Ruins Obelisk.
  • Have the Overgrown Statue on your back and go towards the river. Then, head right while being close to that respective wall and Spire Courtyard Obelisk should be there.
  • Again with your back to the Statue, continue to the river and head left, all the way down to the Valley Ruins Obelisk.

Overall, you just need to avoid the tracker’s direction when you are on the third step of this side quest, and you should be able to continue further. Until People Can Fly work on a fix, this temporary solution is your best bet if you want to complete it.

Outriders is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Google Stadia. For more information about the game, make sure to check the official page here. If you want to check our extensive list of guides and tips for Outriders, take a look right here.


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