Overwatch 2 LE SSERAFIM Collab: Game Mode, Skins, K-Pop Single, and More

Have you spotted the upcoming collab with Le Sserafim for Overwatch 2?

by Gordon Bicker
Official Overwatch 2 cover art image for Le Sserafim collab event.
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The Overwatch franchise has had many collaborations over the years, most recently with Diablo 4 for their Halloween Terror event which has been giving players like myself plenty of spooky season enjoyment. However, Overwatch 2 is now making a fresh, exciting move into collaborating with a K-pop group by the name of LE SSERAFIM. This article will take you through everything you need to know about the next Overwatch 2 collab event.

Key Overwatch 2 and LE SSERAFIM Collab Details Upfront

In less than 24 hours after officially announcing the collab, I noticed there were already over 34,000 likes on the X post made by the Overwatch 2 team. This highlights just how much attention has already started to gather around the event and most likely there will be an influx of players when the event kicks off. I’ve listed some key information for you below on what will be included that we know so far.

  • New Legendary Hero Skins
  • New items
  • Brand-new collab inspired Game Mode
  • New single release for the music group (Debut on October 26)

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LE SSERAFIM Overwatch 2 Collab Event Start Date

The start date of the LE SSERAFIM collab is November 1, 2023 which is when content starts to go live for the event. However, the single does debut before that so you can indeed check out the latest music from the K-pop group on October 26 instead. There has been no official information on the exact times for when the Overwatch 2 event begins (or ends) but it likely be in the US morning to midday hours.

Hero Skins and Game Mode

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Everyone loves some good Overwatch 2 skins (I know I certainly do) and this upcoming collab actually has some Legendary hero skins with it. This means that you will be able to get some exclusive skins from an event that has not occurred in Overwatch’s history before in any shape or form. It certainly is an exciting time to jump back into the game.

Of course, the big question that you all may be wondering is what the “game mode” inspired by the K-pop group will be like and we do not know at the time of writing. Currently, I think there will be music involved in a major way during the gameplay of the mode but there is no information yet.

Further details will be released on October 30 so when more is known about the skins and the game mode, I will update the article with the latest information.

Music Single and BlizzCon

The collab with LE SSERAFIM doesn’t just take place inside of the game but also at this year’s BlizzCon on November 4 where the group will perform and also play their new single “Perfect Night”. It was noted by Blizzard that this performance would take place inside the BlizzCon arena after the community night. Tickets for BlizzCon are priced at $299 meaning it is very expensive if you are planning to attend.

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Overall, the LE SSERAFIM collab in-game will not be something you’d want to miss out on though. Time to get your favorite heroes back into winning matches again while you’re waiting for the event to start!

- This article was updated on October 19th, 2023

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