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Overwatch Guide: How to Get Halloween Loot Boxes

by Kyle Hanson


Overwatch has just hit over 20 million players, and Blizzard is doing a great job keeping those players engaged with special, timed events. The latest of these is in celebration of Halloween, with limited edition loot boxes available temporarily. These loot boxes contain special items themed around Halloween, and they are only available for a short time. This has players asking the very tough question of how to get Halloween loot boxes in Overwatch. The answer is pretty simple, as it’s pretty much the same as the other loot boxes in the game.

According to a tweet from Blizzard, normal level bonuses will now include Halloween loot boxes instead of the regular ones you would usually get. This should have already started, so the real answer to how to get Halloween loot boxes in Overwatch is to just play the game a lot. You might want to take the next couple of weeks to focus on XP. If you’re anywhere near leveling up, or if you can get there some time soon, you’ll want to do it now to make sure you get those sweet limited edition Halloween items.

Of course, alternatively you can just buy the Halloween loot boxes. Those should go on sale today, October 12th. The prices should be normal, and there should be a clear delineation between the regular loot boxes and the Halloween editions (the regular ones might simply not be available once the event starts). Be sure to watch what you’re buying, and make sure you get the loot box that you really want. If you did purchase the regular loot boxes, thinking they were Halloween loot boxes, you’ll have to contact Blizzard, Sony, or Microsoft to ask for a refund.

That’s it for how to get Halloween loot boxes in Overwatch. The general tip is to just play the game a lot more than you usually do, if that is even possible. The more you play, the better your chances of nabbing one of the special loot boxes. Get out there and earn that XP!

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