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Overwatch Guide: How to Play With Friends

by Dean James


Blizzard has been bringing players together in online experiences for years across their different franchises, and Overwatch is no different as it is very likely going to be one of the biggest multiplayer experiences in gaming for years. The game can always be played with random players online, but we are here to explain just how to match up with your friends and play.

Overwatch offers players a number of different ways to match up and play online, so we thought we’d give you details on the two ways you can do so with friends in the game.

The first is found in the submenu you will be frequenting often, Play. Rather than do Quick Play however, you want to go over and choose Custom Game, which allows you to set up a game in exactly the way you like. This means you can setup the maps available, characters available, and more.

By simply pressing L2 on PS4, or the stated button on your respective platform, you can choose from a list of any of your friends that are currently online in Overwatch. This also allows you to pick which team you want them to be on, or as just a spectator.

While that method is meant for just the custom matches you’re playing, the one you’re more likely going to want is to actually go online and play matches, which is done through the Social option on the main menu. Simply choose this and select the person you want to invite and they can join your party.

One plus here over the other is that you can not only invite players that have Overwatch open currently, but also other players that are online on PSN but are not in Overwatch. Regardless of which way you do it, you are in for plenty of hours of fun with your friends in Overwatch.

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