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Overwatch Guide: How To Play Pharah

by Dean James


The Offense class in Overwatch offers a lot of different characters to choose from, including the likes of Reaper, Soldier: 76, and McCree that we’ve already talked about. Another one of those that is pretty straight forward in their moveset is that of Pharah, which may make her another good character for newcomers.

Like the rest, Pharah is one of the more balanced characters, with solid attack power and merely okay health, though not as low as someone such as Tracer. This makes her a good character to weave around the frontline to attack, but one that definitely can’t handle staying on the ground for long.

Pharah utilizes her Rocket Launcher in battle, which is very powerful. With six ammo at a time, each one will do 120 damage to an enemy, allowing you to really down some especially the lower health enemies in no time. This weapon works especially well in medium to long range, as you can fire even from afar since it has more damage range than a typical gun.

The one offensive downside to Pharah though is that her Rocket Launcher is literally her only attack move besides just her melee. However, her other abilities help her is other ways that make her a force to contend with in Overwatch.

Pharah’s Jump Jet ability allows her to rocket up into the air quickly, which allows her to reach higher platforms or just escape fire very quickly. This is made even better with her passive ability, Hover, which allows her to stay in place or move around in air for a short period of time. By using these two in tandem, you can find hard to reach alcoves and spots where you can fire your Rocket Launchers at enemies with a much less chance of being spotted.

If you by chance get stuck on the ground and need to clear enemies out though, you also have your Concussive Blast ability, which will knock back enemies in the way of this mini rocket. The only downside is that this does no damage, but it helps you to create separation if you by chance get in a close battle with a Tank or other high health opponent.

The Concussive Blast also serves as a great move to use before unleashing your Ultimate ability, Barrage. This has you firing off a bunch of rockets at one time that scatter across an area in front of you. This may not have the best accuracy, but if you have enemies in your path, you should take some out. Just be forewarned that if there are any sort of obstacles nearby, they may block a lot of the rockets, making your use of the Ultimate useless. Trust me, this has happened to me on way too many occasions.

Pharah may actually be one of the least offensive heavy of the Offense class characters, as she instead focuses more on maneuverability around the map while taking out the opponent. Her very powerful rockets are a great weapon to use against a crowd that may be right on an objective and need to be cleared out, especially if they are weakened before hand to where one rocket can take them out. It may take a little time to get the hovering down pat, but Pharah is one character that is well worth learning.

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