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Overwatch Guide: How To Power Up And Use Ultimate Abilities

by Dean James


Overwatch is all about the different characters and how they can be used in battle. Each one brings something new to the table with their moveset, but one thing that is common across all of them is that they will have a Ultimate ability that you can use.

The different Ultimate abilities in the game are very different from one another for the most part, all fitting in with the overall scheme of that character. To use any of these, first of all you must look at the bottom middle of your screen and you’ll see a percentage with a yellow meter around it that gradually charges.

This meter will continue to charge throughout the match at all times, though at a snail’s pace that could take you many minutes to get a full meter. However, there is another way to charge it much quicker.

All you have to do to is start to attack enemies on the map, which will charge your meter much more rapidly. It will be a little different for each character depending on what kind of weapon they have, but it should be pretty standard across the board on filling it up.

Once this meter is completely full, all you have to do is press Triangle and it will activate. Just make sure that you know what your character’s Ultimate ability is before using it, as some will be targeting enemies while others will be giving your character some sort of boost and you don’t want to waste it.

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