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Overwatch Halloween Event 2019: How to Earn Rewards

Another year; another Halloween event chock full of treats.

by Brandon Adams


Another year, another Overwatch Halloween Event. This year’s Halloween Terror has new tags, sprays, skins: everything a proper Spooktober needs. Most of them come from a single source, but there is actually a way to earn a few goodies just by winning.


Earn lootboxes for most items, and win nine games a week for dedicated rewards.

So, like all previous events, lootboxes have been converted into holiday lootboxes, meaning you just have to play the game and rank up to earn one. All the new Halloween goodies and old return, so cross your fingers the hope RNG-gods favor you when you pop a box open. You can always buy lootboxes as well, if you are so inclined. Additionally, any currency earned can be used to purchase skins directly; new epic and legendary skins are 3000 and 750 coins respectively, and old epic and legendary skins are 1000 and 250 coins.


Oh, but wait, there is a twist in this year’s Overwatch Halloween Event: each week there will be an icon, spray, and skin up for grabs so long as you win nine games across quick play, arcade, and competitive matches. The first three will reward the icon, the second the spray, and the final three will give you a skin.

Week one is all about Inferno Junkrat, week two features Vampire Baptiste, and week three will reward players with Demon Hunter Sombra (previously a Blizzcon 2018 exclusive). These skins CANNOT be earned via lootboxes or purchased with in-game currency, so players need to get their nine wins a week if they don’t want to miss out.

For all of you collectionists out there, Blizzard has plugged in a feature on the event’s launch page that will track what rewards you have earned, and what you still need to acquire. So, what are you waiting for: get in there and crush your opponents and earn those sweet, delicious Overwatch Halloween Event 2019 rewards.

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