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Phasmophobia – What does Sanity do, How to Regain Sanity

Stay alive by staying sane

by Kyle Hanson


There’s a lot of stuff to keep track of in Phasmophobia, but few are more important than your own sanity. Like Eternal Darkness before it, this game about tracking and identifying vengeful ghosts tasks you with maintaining your sanity level as you encounter the truly insane. But while it’s easy to track your sanity it’s not entirely clear what it does or how to get it back. Many players wonder what does sanity do in Phasmohobia and how to regain sanity, and we’re here with the answers.

What does Sanity do

Think of sanity in Phasmophobia as your health and it will mostly make sense. Sure, you won’t immediately die if you let your sanity bottom out, but it dramatically increases the chances of that happening. You can always keep track of your sanity via the board inside of the truck, and you’ll want to do that because anyone with too low a sanity level will draw the ghost to them and will cause more ghostly activity overall.

The average of all players’ sanity is also something to keep track of, as the ghost will react if only low sanity players are walking around inside of the house. The lower it is, the more active it will be, eventually triggering a hunt that could kill a player. Just try to keep cycling players in and out as their sanity drops, especially on the larger maps that require more exploration. You’ll want to do this because any time spent inside the haunted house will drop your sanity, but especially if you’re walking around in the darkness. Using a Ouija Board, seeing the ghost, or interacting with a voo doo doll will all drop your sanity as well.

Lit candles and turned on lights will help slow, but not stop you sanity from dropping. Avoiding the haunted room and ghostly activity will also help. Yurei will also cause your sanity to drop much faster, as well as the difficulty level of the stage. Of course, sometimes you have to encounter these things and your sanity will drop as a result. So what do you do when your sanity is too low?

How to Regain Sanity

There’s just one way to raise you sanity. Before missions where you are concerned for your sanity begin you’ll want to buy and add sanity pills to your team inventory. You can bring four of them along with you, which you might want to do for all matches but especially the bigger maps. These pills will restore 40% of your sanity, which means you can never actually get it back to 100% so always keep that in mind. To use them just pick them up and equip then right click.

But that’s the answers to what does sanity do in Phasmohobia and how to regain sanity, and we’re here with the answers.

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