Phasmophobia – What Happens When you Die, What to do When You’re Dead

Not much

by Kyle Hanson

Phasmophobia is a game that’s all about death. And yet when you do die it might be a little confusing, as the game doesn’t tell you much about what has happened or what you can do. The answers might not be too satisfying, but there are a lot of mechanics to it that you’ll want to understand. There’s two main questions that need to be answered here, starting with what happens when you die and then what to do when you’re dead in Phasmophobia.

What Happens When you Die

As you explore the haunted houses, asylums, and schools of Phasmophobia there is a very good chance you or one of your friends will die. It happens suddenly and often without warning, and comes with some hefty consequences so you should always try to avoid it, just like in real life. However, it will happen eventually so it’s best to understand what’s going on before you reach that point.

When you die in Phasmophobia you will lose any of the additional equipment you brought along with you on the mission. Each player adds items to the team’s inventory before the game begins and anyone that dies will lose those items upon death. There’s no real way to circumvent this, though the game does have a mechanic to lessen the impact. Insurance will trigger if you die giving you 50% of the cost of the lost items on Amateur levels and 25% on Intermediate. Professional stages have no insurance so try extra hard not to die on any of those.

What to do When You’re Dead

UPDATE: A new patch has added the ability to pick up and throw objects while you’re dead. You can use this to mess with or even communicate with your friends.

Original Text: When you die in a Phasmophobia game you’ll immediately respawn in a sort of ghost form. In this form you can no longer talk to your friends in the game and are basically eliminated. You can walk around, observe what’s going on, and maybe even annoy your friends if you have an alternative communication method setup. Otherwise there’s nothing to do but wander, enjoy your friends getting terrified by the real ghost, and wait for them to finish the mission. Dead players can walk around, but can’t interact or do anything else.

So that explains what happens when you die and then what to do when you’re dead in Phasmophobia.

- This article was updated on November 18th, 2020