PlayStation Stars Hit Play 1994 Challenge Answers

Party like it's 1994.

by Elliott Gatica


With a quieter release earlier this year, Sony dropped its loyalty rewards program, PlayStation Stars. You can take on a variety of “challenges” to earn digital collectibles which are totally not NFTs. As people want to collect as many of these collectibles as possible, there are some that are a bit on the potentially pricier and confusing side. There’s a challenge in the PlayStation Stars program called “Hit Play 1994” where you have to launch a game matching a 1994 song, so here are the answers for this one.

Hit Play 1994 Answers for PlayStation Stars

The following are the hints that the app gives you along with the game that corresponds with them. Completing each one will give you the Sony Chord Machine.

  • Stay X Circle of Life – Returnal
  • Baby I Love Your Way X Go West – Death Stranding
  • Mr. Jones X Regulate – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
  • More Human Than Human – Detroit: Become Human
  • Wild Night – Until Dawn
  • Streets of Philadelphia – Heavy Rain

If you are a subscriber of the higher-tier versions of PS Plus, all of these titles are included in the Premium version. This would save you the hassle of buying each title individually just to fulfill the requirements for this challenge.

Also, with the exclusion of Returnal, these games are older and can most likely be found at lower prices in stores. As for their prices, that will vary depending on the store you go to. Chances are, if you look for them digitally on the PSN store, they won’t always be discounted.

Most of these games are also labeled as “PlayStation Hits”. You’ll see the red banner on top of their game pictures if that’s anything to be a better indicator to show which ones fulfill the challenges listed above.

PlayStation Stars is available now for free. You can sign up on a web browser or the official PlayStation App.

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