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Pokémon GO – Alolan Meowth Spotlight Hour Guide, Can Meowth Be Shiny

How to catch Shiny Meowth during Spotlight Hour

Spotlight hour is one of the best weekly events in Pokémon GO, and the next hour is coming soon with increased spawns during Meowth (Alolan) Spotlight Hour. Players will have one hour to catch as many of this Pokémon as they can, with Alolan Meowth appearing everywhere in the wild during the event. During Spolight Hour there are additional bonuses to take advantage of as well. To help, here’s our Meowth Spotlight Hour guide for Pokémon GO, including the answer to can Meowth be shiny in Spetember 2021.

Meowth Spotlight Hour Guide

In this guide we’re going to break down everything you need to know regarding the Alolan Meowth Spotlight Hour event so that you can make the most of hour long event once it begins.

When is Meowth Spotlight Hour

Meowth Spotlight Hour will begin at 6pm local time on Tuesday, September 28th and will last until 7pm local time.  During the hour there is the main bonus of the event as well as an additional one to take advantage of.

What is the Meowth Spotlight Hour Bonus, How to Prepare

The big reason you’re going to want to participate in Spotlight Hour is find all of the increased spawn rates for Alolan Meowth.  We suggest to keep moving during the event and if you combine that with using Incense you should be getting plenty of opportunities to catch Meowth.

During the Meowth Spotlight Hour you’ll also get 2x Transfer Candy. Which is a great secondary bonus for participating in the event.

Can Meowth be Shiny, How to Catch Shiny Meowth (Alolan)

Meowth can be shiny in Pokémon GO during Spotlight Hour, so you’ll want to make sure you’re checking any possible spawns.  If you want to increase your chances of catching a Shiny Meowth you should use Incense with a Lure to better your chances when near a Pokestop.  Having an incense on hand during these events will increase spawns, which will give you more chances to catch Alolan Meowth and possibly a shiny.

And that’s everything you need to know about Meowth Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO for September 28th, 2021.  Good luck!

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