Pokémon GO – Charmander Spotlight Hour Guide, Can Charmander be Shiny

What is the bonus and how to catch Shiny Charmander

by Kyle Hanson

The month of Gen 1 starters (for the most part) continues in Pokémon GO with Charmander Spotlight Hour. These weekly events focus on one particular Pokémon and offer an extra bonus to enjoy. The Fire type starter will be spawning everywhere once things kick off, offering a great chance to catch Shiny Charmander. But to get one and enjoy everything about the event you need to know how to prepare and what to do. Here’s our Charmander Spotlight Hour guide for Pokémon GO in July 2021.

Charmander Spotlight Hour Guide

Spotlight Hours come around every week, so by now most players know what to do and how to prepare. But for those still looking for info or advice we have three important questions to answer. Let’s start with the most important one of them all, which is when to be ready.

When is Charmander Spotlight Hour

Charmander Spotlight Hour begins at 6pm local time on Tuesday, July 13th for all players. As the name implies, the celebration will only last for one hour, ending at 7pm. For such short events there is actually a lot to do and take part in, especially with such a good bonus.

What is the Charmander Spotlight Hour Bonus

Players participating in Charmander Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO will also enjoy 2x Catch Candy for all Pokémon during the hour long event. So while Charmander will spawn all around you in the wild, anything you catch will reward double the usual Candy amount. Use a Pinap Berry and it will add up to four times the usual amount of Candy. This is a great time to redeem Research rewards, especially if you’ve been saving some up from previous events.

Can Charmander be Shiny, How to Catch Shiny Charmander

But while you do this you’ll want to make sure you’re checking every Charmander you can since he can be Shiny during Spotlight Hour. Use an Incense or Lure Module and the spawns will be close to nonstop. If all you’re after is Shiny Charmander then check them and back out if they are normal. Otherwise try to catch them as quickly as possible, using a Pokémon GO Plus if you have one available. This will net you a ton of Charmander Candy, so it’s a nice benefit.

And that’s our Charmander Spotlight Hour guide for Pokémon GO, letting you know how to catch Shiny Charmander in July 2021.