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Pokémon GO Great League Guide – The Best Pokémon for your Team (March 2021)

Great League meta and tier list for March 2021

by Kyle Hanson


GO Battle League Season 7 has begun in Pokémon GO. As usual the season is kicking off with Great League, offering players a chance to do battle with lower CP characters. This limit might seem constricting, but it actually opens up the meta, letting lesser stars shine while the league is in play. But things are always changing in this game, so it’s time to break down everything in our Pokémon GO Great League guide, with the best Pokémon for your team.

The Best Pokémon for Great League in March 2021

With Great League only Pokémon at 1500 CP or below are allowed. The closer your Pokémon is to 1500 CP the better it will perform against your opponents. So while our list below rates the top tier Pokémon for you to choose from, you still need to base it on what you have available. And some of the below require Candy XL to reach their highest potential, even at this low a CP level. We mark those with (XL) for you.

Otherwise, the goal in creating a Great League team is to focus on type matchups you are encountering in the meta game. Our Strong Against field shows what types the Pokémon will resist damage from, but be sure to reference the type chart to see what their attack will be super effective against.

The best way to put together a solid Great League team is to pick one or two from the list below that you have ready to go then build around them. Look for what they’re vulnerable to and find something that counters it. With that all said, let’s dive into the best Pokémon for your Great League team in March 2021.

Pokémon Type Fast Attack Charged Attack Strong Against Weak to
Medicham (XL) Fighting and Psychic Counter Dynamic Punch Rock, Fighting Fairy, Flying, Ghost
Deoxys (Defense) Psychic Counter Psycho Boost or Rock Slide Psychic, Fighting Bug, Dark, Ghost
Azumarill (XL) Water and Fairy Bubble Ice Beam or Play Rough Dargon, Water, Ice, Fire, Fighting, Dark, Bug Electric, Grass, Poison
Galarian Stunfisk Ground and Steel Mud Shot Rock Slide or Earthquake Poison, Rock, Electric, Steel, Psychic, Normal, Flying, Fairy, Dragon, Bug Fighting, Fire, Ground, Water
Altaria Dragon and Flying Dragon Breath Sky Attack Ground, Grass, Water, Fire, Fighting, Bug Ice, Dragon, Fairy, Rock
Swampert Water and Ground Mud Shot Hydro Cannon Steel, Rock, Poison, Fire, Electric Grass
Scrafty Dark and Fighting Counter Foul Play Dark, Rock, Psychic, Ghost Fairy, Fighting, Flying
Cresselia Psychic Psycho Cut Grass Knot, Future Sight, or Moonblast Psychic, Fighting Bug, Dark, Ghost
Jellicent Water and Ghost Hex or Bubble Shadow Ball Normal, Fighting, Water, Steel, Poison, Ice, Fire, Bug Dark, Electric, Ghost, Grass
Meganium Grass Vine Whip Frenzy Plant Water, Ground, Grass, Electric Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison

So that’s all the best Pokémon for your Great League team in March 2021, but we also want to clear up some questions in our Great League guide.

Great League Guide

Let’s dive right into the two big questions about Great League in Pokémon GO.

When does Great League Begin and End in March 2021

The Pokémon GO Great League will be open starting Monday, March 1st at 4pm Eastern Time and will wrap up on Monday, March 15th at 4pm Eastern. These times are set and not dependent on your local time zone, so make the necessary changes to find out what time it will be for you.

What Pokémon can be Used in the Great League (CP Limit)

Like all previous Great Leagues in Pokémon GO, the March 2021 option is limited to only characters of 1500 CP or below. There’s no other restrictions though, so Shadow or XL creatures are allowed. No matter the Pokédex number, where or how they were caught, or any other consideration, as long as they are 1500 CP or lower they can be used in Great League.

So that’s our Pokémon GO Great League guide, including the best Pokémon for your team in March 2021.

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