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Pokemon Go Guide: How To Catch Pokemon With Higher CP

by Dean James


Pokemon Go has officially been out more than a week in the US and the craze just keeps growing it seems. Groups are getting together and taking down gyms, which means players are leveling up and coming across tougher Pokemon. We’ve told you before how to better catch Pokemon, but the real difficulty comes when the ones with high CP start showing up.

Catching Pokemon with low CP isn’t always a guarantee, but it’s definitely pretty easy. Just flicking the ball at them and connecting will more times than not result in them being caught. However, you have to get much better as you level up.

The Pokemon with higher level CP require precision, including trying to hold down to toss the ball when the ring is smallest, as we explained in another guide on that topic. That is not all though, as there are some other techniques you will need to really improve your chances on what will be rarer Pokemon.

First of all is the Razz Berry item, which makes Pokemon more likely to be caught by itself. This can then be combined with the better ball types, including Great Balls and Ultra Balls, with supposedly Master Balls showing up eventually as well. We haven’t gotten to the latter though, so for now Great and Ultra is your best bet. Poke Balls can work, but the results will not be very good most of the time.

Great Balls will be okay in the middle tier CPs, but you’re really going to want to save your Ultra Balls for the ones that get higher. Of course it might seem easier to just throw an Ultra Ball at a Pokemon with low CP to make it easy, but you would be better off using a Poke Ball or Great Ball on that and instead saving any Ultra Ball you can for the hard to find Pokemon only.

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