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Pokemon Go Guide: How to Choose a Buddy Pokemon

by Kyle Hanson


Finally, after a very long wait, the Pokemon Go Buddy Update is rolling out across the world. It might take a while to hit your device, but it is coming some time soon. So now players have to figure out how the whole thing works. While we’ll be exploring many aspects of the Pokemon Go Buddy System, including just how the whole thing works, to get started we wanted to break down the simplest part. So, here’s how to choose a buddy Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

You might think that choosing a buddy Pokemon would work like evolving or transferring, with you going to the Pokemon menu to pick on, perhaps selecting the additional options menu in the bottom right. That is incorrect though, with Niantic instead making this an option inside of your Trainer menu.

Where is that? Simply click the image of your face on the bottom left of the screen to get there. Once there hit the option menu on the bottom right to find the Buddy system. Selecting this will take you to the Pokemon menu that you likely just spent a few minutes exploring. From here just scroll until you find what Pokemon you want as your buddy, and select them. This will add them to the screen and turn them into your buddy Pokemon until you decide to change it.

How do you change your buddy Pokemon? Simply repeat this process, but when you hit the Buddy button you need to tap the switch icon in the bottom right. This will give you a warning that all current progress will be erased, so maybe wait until you get a new piece of candy before doing this.

And that’s it, that’s how to choose a buddy Pokemon in Pokemon Go and the new update. Hopefully that helps, but let us know in the comments if anything trips you up.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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