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Pokemon Go Guide: Where To Find Abra, Kadabra, And Alakazam

by Mike Guarino


While some Pokemon in Pokemon Go are easy to come across, there are others that give people a harder time depending on where you live. If you talk to people from the city and people from the suburbs, you’re likely to find that they’ve had entirely different experiences with their Pokemon adventures. While you’ll inevitably encounter new Pokemon in familiar areas as you play, there are some that require a bit more work in order to sniff them out.

The next batch of Pokemon that we’ll be helping you sniff out are Abra, Kadabra and Alakazam, which are the physic Pokemon that gave trainers so much trouble catching back in the original games (damn teleport). While all three of these Pokemon can be found out in the wild, your best bet will be to go after Abra and then catch many so you can evolve them.

You have a shot at encountering an Abra during your regular travels, but you have the best shot at finding them in residential areas at night in spots with lots of grass. However, if you’re having absolutely no luck with finding them on your own, you can also hatch one with a 5km egg. You’ll definitely want to find a reliable spot for Abras if you want to move on to the next two evolutions, though.

Abra’s first evolution is Kadabra, and you also have a chance of finding them in the same spots listed for Abra. Your odds of that happening aren’t great, though, so you’ll want to instead aim for getting 25 Abra candies to evolve it into a Kadabra.

Finally, Kadabra then evolves into Alakazam. Like its predecessors, it can also be found in the aforementioned locations, but you’ll need to get REALLY lucky in order to do so. The more feasible option is to evolve your Kadabra, which will require you to have 100 Abra candies in order to so. It will take some patience, but the payoff is worth it.

Results will vary due to where you live (and due to the game currently being broken as all hell), but these tips should give you your best shot at nabbing an Abra and making your way up through Kadabra and Alakazam. I’ve had the higher evolutions show up a couple of times during daily travel, but it’s just not reliable enough to recommend going that route. Do your best to find a spot and time that regularly spawns Abras, then just evolve them from there.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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