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Pokemon Go Guide: Where to Find Heracross

by Kyle Hanson


Gen 2 Pokemon have finally made their way into Pokemon Go. Among the 80 brand new monsters that players can find are a few fan favorites, and a bunch of new rare Pokemon. One of these is Heracross, which is not only valued for its design and overall fanbase, but also its type and moveset which allow it to be a powerful Pokemon in the gym metagame. But where is he? This guide will tell you where to find Heracross in Pokemon Go.

Here’s the problem, Heracross is a new regional exclusive Pokemon. Like Tauros, Kangaskhan, Far Fetch’d, and Mr. Mime before him, you can only find Heracross in specific regions of the world. This time you’ll be heading south, specifically in the South America region of Pokemon Go.

Of course, like everything else in Pokemon Go, it’s not quite that simple. The line that is drawn between North and South America actually crosses through the southern US, specifically cutting off parts of Texas and Florida. The line seems to be just north of Orlando, FL, making it so that Tauros would never spawn in Disney World, a constant cause of pain for foreign tourists. However, they’ll now be able to find Heracross there instead. In Texas, the line seems to be south of San Antonio.

Once you’re far enough south Heracross will actually spawn rather frequently. Not as much as Pidgey or Hoothoot, but still enough that if you’re there long enough and playing the game regularly, you should find one. For specific spawn areas, just look at other bug Pokemon. This means parks, forests, gardens, as well as near gyms.

Living in south Florida, I’ve already caught over three Heracross in Pokemon Go despite playing rarely and not specifically looking for the rare creature. Others report even higher spawn rates, so just get far enough south and he should show up for you.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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