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Pokemon Go Guide: How To Get Better Healing Items

by Dean James


Pokemon Go is all about exploring and finding as many Pokemon as you can, but there is also the battling side as well that Pokemon games have also been known for over the years. When you start collecting and raising more powerful Pokemon, you will naturally have more health to recover after gym battles and there are some items that can help with that.

Early in the game, you will be limited to the simple Potions that you get at level 5 that you can use to heal your Pokemon by 20 points. However, this is not going to be all that helpful when your Pokemon’s health is over 100 and you’re having to use so many.

Just like in the games, there are more powerful potions that you can acquire, which start off at level 10. Once you reach level 10, you will receive 20 Super Potions, which heal your Pokemon by 50 points per use. You cannot purchase these, but you will now start to find these at PokeStops, in addition to the Potions and other items found there.

Once you keep leveling up and reach level 15, you will then receive 20 Hyper Potions, which restore a whopping 200 points of health to your Pokemon. This is going to become your staple for awhile after gym battles, as you can drop it on your Pokemon to restore most of its health. Also like the others, these can be found at PokeStops after this point.

This will be the best potion you can get for awhile, but once you reach level 25, you will get 20 Max Potions, which will fully restore the health of your Pokemon. In the same way, at level 30, you will receive 20 Max Revives, which will revive your Pokemon after losing a gym battle and will fully restore their health as well. These also can be found at PokeStops, though you will get a mix of all the available options throughout your experience.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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