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Pokemon Go Guide: How To Get More Items And XP At PokeStops

by Dean James


Pokemon Go may have released over a month ago, but as the game continues to launch in new countries every few days, we continue to learn even more hidden secrets. PokeStops are a great source of supplies and bits of XP in Pokemon Go, but there is a way to increase your earnings from them as well.

Whenever you visit a PokeStop, there are two things that you will always receive, a few items and XP. The number of items can vary from around three or four and you will earn 50 XP, unless you have a Lucky Egg going of course.

There is a very good chance that you stick to a fairly standard area most of the time to farm items and XP from PokeStops, but there is one new method that may have you branching out a bit moving forward.

Start off by simply visiting any PokeStop and doing as you normally do. Now, what you must do is move onto a completely different PokeStop and continue a chain until you’ve visited 10 of them. However, the key is to not revisit any that you have already visited in this chain, and to do this in a relatively short amount of time, say 30 minutes or so.

Once you actually reach the 10th different PokeStop in a row, you will get double the XP, so 100 XP, as well as more items. My personal experience was six, but there are reports of some getting more than that. There are also many that said they received a 10km egg for doing this if they had a slot open, but while this seems to possibly help that, this doesn’t guarantee that. However, you probably will at least get one egg if you have an open spot within those 10 stops anyways.

By doing this, you will quickly be racking up a lot of items, so make sure not to fill up your bag or you won’t be able to use any PokeStops along the way, which may mess up your combo chain. This is definitely a good way to help refill your bag after perhaps using a lot of Poke Balls or even using a lot of Potions with gym battles.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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