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Pokemon Go Guide: How to Get Special Items for Gen 2 Evolutions

by Kyle Hanson


Generation 2 is finally here and Pokemon Go players are back, running around every public area imaginable searching for those rare Pokemon. Once you have them, it’s all about evolution though, and Generation 2 gave us a ton of new evolutions to work on. Many of these are even for Gen 1 Pokemon, such as Slowpoke, Scyther, and Poliwhirl. However, they have a new trick to them, requiring a special item for evolution to the new form. So, to help out, here’s our guide on how to get special items in Pokemon Go.

These items include the Upgrade, which will evolve Porygon to Porygon2, the King’s Rock, which allows Slowpoke to turn into Slowking, and the Metal Coat, which is required for both Scizor and Stellix evolutions. You’ll want and need all of these special items, and possibly more, so how do you get them? Unfortunately the answer is kind of random.

Pokestops are the source of all special items in Pokemon Go. Whether its a Metal Coat, Upgrade, or anything else you need to evolve your Pokemon into their Gen 2 forms, you’ll have to get the item the old fashioned way; by spinning tons and tons of Pokestops.

Is there a way to increase your odds of getting special items in Pokemon Go? Not really, other than just making sure you hit every single Pokestop you can. The drop rate is fairly low for these things, so you need to hit a lot of them just to get the one you want. You might want to try to take advantage of the 10th Pokestop bonus, which gives you additional items when you hit 10 unique Pokestops in a row. Avoid hitting the same one over and over, and try to move around, hitting different ones in a chain.

Do this enough and you’ll get all the Upgrades, Metal Coats, and King’s Rocks that you need in Pokemon Go.

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