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Pokemon Go Guide: How To Get A Specific Eeveelution From Your Eevee

| July 16, 2016

Pokemon Go Guide: How To Get A Specific Eeveelution From Your Eevee GameGuides Mobile  Pokemon Go Guides Pokemon Go

The absolutely incredible popularity of Pokemon Go just seems to be getting even bigger as the days go on, and with each passing day we learn even more about the game itself. Ever since launch, players have been wondering if you could actually control which Eeveelution you get, and now it appears we have a legitimate way.

There were rumors at first that were quickly proven false, such as it being based on that Eevee’s moveset. We were really beginning to wonder if there was anyway at all to control this, rather than it being completely random, and it appears there actually is a way that has ties to the anime series.

As first revealed by a poster on Reddit and confirmed by pretty much everyone that followed this in the thread afterwards, you can in fact choose which Eeveelution you want by changing the nickname of the Eevee.

Rather than being like changing their names to the actual evolutions, the nicknames are based off of the Pokemon anime, which had an episode based on a group of brothers named the Eevee Brothers. The names of these brothers were Pyro, Rainer, and Sparky, who owned a Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon respectively.

What you need to do is go and give a nickname to the Eevee you want to evolve and name it one of Pyro, Rainer, or Sparky. After doing this, make sure to force close the game and reload, just to make sure the updated name hits the servers. Then after opening the game back up, evolve that Eevee and it should turn into the corresponding Eeveelution.

This method may seem rather farfetched, but it seems to be very true based on the massive amount of people across Reddit and other sites saying it to be so, as well as testing it out myself on an Eevee. It will certainly be interesting to see if this secret naming way is carried over in some way when the other Eeveelutions are eventually added later. Make sure to let us know in the comments whether or not this works for you, as it should let you decide just which Eeveelution you get.

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  • Jessica

    One more Eevee candy needed and I’ll see if it works.

    • Bethany Spence

      Worked for me :)

  • Miguel Davila

    It works evolved into all three using this method!

    • Marcia Smith

      it didn’t for me i changed it to Pyro shut it down evolved it and it was a flareon :-( i’ll try the next 2 names and see if i get the same results

      • Laura

        But, from reading your message it sounds like it did work, Pyro does evolve into Flareon. Its Pyro for Flareon, Rainer for Vaporeon and Sparky for Jolteon.

        • Rune Sursild

          Thank you, worked well ?

        • Tom

          It doesnt work like that. It dépends on what moves you have.

      • Jordan P

        When you nickname it Pyro, it’s supposed to turn into a Flareon, so it did work. Pyro: Flareon, Rainer: Vaporeon and Sparky: Jolteon

      • meagan

        pyro is flareon. what were you expecting??

        • Marcia Smith

          Yeah I know people and their “glitch” ideology lol

          • John Hoogeveen


      • Sandra

        Pyro is Flarea

      • Bree

        That’s correct Pyro I’d the name for flareon

      • Collin Brumm

        pyro is supposed to give you a flareon

      • Shellbbs

        You’re an idiot

      • Alex banana

        It’s shit

        • J


      • Bella

        It’s suppost to be a Flareon Marcia Smith

  • Margaret Rose

    Picked name of Rainer and got the Vaporeon.

    • Bethany Spence

      It did work for you. Rainer is the name you use to get the Vaporeon.

      • Margaret Rose

        I know, was just commenting that it worked. Should have made that clear in my post. ?

  • Mogie707

    What do I need for it to work???

    • Marcia Smith

      didn’t work for me either :-(

      • Bethany Spence

        It did work for you. You named it Pyro and got a Flareon, so it did what it was supposed to

      • Jodi M Stanton

        YOURS DID WORK! Pyro is a FLAREON!

      • AlphineGirl

        My it dot did work for you, Pyro is Flareon, what did you want? It worked for me btw, Rainer got me vaporeon. But he best method is wait for a few weeks and get like 50 eevee candies. So if one doesn’t work you have another. And close the app multiple times.

    • pryodiablo

      This guy

    • Hayden

      Just name it exactly how its written here, close the app then Oren again then evolve just make sure you get the corresponding name correct

  • Zheng Lu

    Cool! I named my Eevee Sparky and got Joltenon. Thanks a lot!!!

  • Jeff

    It is telling me to choose a different nickname

    • Marcia Smith

      hmmm that i did not see yet

  • sam

    Nice typo Dick. Pryo…

    • Laura

      Ouch, I feel your pain…

  • AbyssalRook

    Aaaaahahah Farfetched.

    • Bethany Spence

      It does work though

      • AbyssalRook

        Yeah but…Farfetch’d

  • Timothy J. Traeger

    If you leave the name as what does it turn into? Espeon? Umberon?

    • Unknown

      No…. It just evolves into a random one out of those three

      The rest of the eeveelutions aren’t added

      • WaterElemental

        It isn’t random there’s a cycle flareon jolteon and vaporeon or you can do the method above but you already know that

        • Lamp_Dance

          It isn’t a cycle, I got two flareons in a row.

          • SleepyStu

            Yah I got a Vaporeon first, no nickname. The Eevee I evolved had a few hundred CP–maybe that has an influence?

  • HisNameIsFeesh

    How do u get a espeon umbreon and glacion

    • Tony Stark

      there’s no way. so far, pokémon go only has the first 150 Kanto pokémon. In a future update, though, they might add evenly all other 720 pokémon from latter generations, starting with Johto and finishing with Kalos, and maybe Alola.

  • Stephanie DiStasio

    I’d love to see what the methods would be for the rest of the eeveelutions ?

  • tokosan

    Didn’t work. Had 6 eevee to evolve, named all 6 Rainey and got 4 Jolteons, 1 Flareon and 1 Vaporeon. One theory out there is based on their Eevee charged move set. Eevee’ with body slam give you Jolteon, Dig gives you a Flareon, and Swift gives you a Vaporeon. Unfortunately didn’t discover that until after my evolving. Have enough candy for one eeveelution but am waiting for 400-500+ Eevee to catch before evolving. Will post later to see if that pans out.

    • Rodrigo

      You were supposed to name it rainer

    • Bethany Spence

      You named it wrong so it didn’t work. The special move set was disproved a few days ago, so that is also wrong.

    • Kittie

      Bruh. Its not rainey, its rainer. It didnt work because you mispelled it. It worked for me.

    • Kara

      I had a Dig and named it Rainer and got the Vaporeon. If you named it Rainey – that’s your problem.

  • Long Cable Company

    Hi guys, thank you it worked.
    Can you evolve Evee into Umbreon?

    • Bethany Spence

      Sadly no, this is just the original 150 Kanto pokemon. You’ll be waiting a while for the other eeveelutions, they have to sort out trading, battling and the servers first

    • Hayden

      I wish but no not yet as its only the 1st gen Pokémon which there are 150 of.

  • Cody Mackay

    This is incorrect, it’s based on the moveset, and all of these would have been coincidental.

    • Amiria

      It really isn’t. I had a Pokemon with body slam and I got flareon not jolteon.

    • Bethany Spence

      Sorry, you are wrong. This was disproved days ago

  • Cassendre Timothy

    It worked! I named my Eevee Pyro, and what do you know? It evolved into a Flareon. I’m extremely grateful for this trick, as I’ve evolved four Eevees prior…and EVERY SINGLE ONE evolved into Vaporeon.

    • Lisa Barrett

      Just to be clear, do you name the eevee ‘pyro eeevee’ or just ‘pyro’ if you want flareon? I want to make sure I do this right the first time because there aren’t a lot of eevee”s here.

      • DeathRider

        Just ‘Pyro’

  • Bethany

    I was skeptical about this too. I already had a 1k CP Jolteon and Vaperon, so all I needed was to evolve my 450 CP Eevee into a Flareon and this trick worked! He now has over 1.1k CP after he evolved. Will be eager to try this with more Eevees to see if it actually does work or if it’s coincidence. (Btw the second attack has no factor in deciding it’s evolved form. My boyfriend and I both got our Vaperons and Jolteons from different attacks.)

  • Alfie Finnie

    How do you get eevee candies

    • Dkdid

      By catching eevees duh

  • I searched this because I found a eevee in my room but then the wifi turned off and I didn’t get the eevee WHY!

  • meagan

    im gonna wait until they add umbreon, i really want umbreon;-;

    • Bethany Spence

      Won’t be for a whioe sadly, you are better off just evolving

  • Jaquaaan

    It works without reloading the app. Just change the name and evolve it. Simple ‘

  • AnotherAnnie

    It worked for me and my husband.

  • Alice

    I tried it 3 times now and didn’t work. I got two vaporeon and a jolteon using Pyro as their name.

    • Bethany Spence

      Well it worked for me and most other people, maybe you spelt it wrong or maybe something else happened

    • surfmadpig

      did you reload the app?

  • Shelly Stepanski

    I nicknamed one of mine sparky and it worked it gave me the right eevee so i say it works but make sure you close out after you nickname it so it actually will turn to the right one according to what you nickname it

  • Caddy

    I randomly got a vaporeon, then a jolteon, then 2 more attempts and got 2 more vaporeon, really wanted the flareon of course. my friend told me about this, had a 378 evvee, named Pyro, evolved, 941 flareon wooooot

  • daniellerose92

    The people saying it didn’t work are either lying or didn’t do it correctly… I renamed my Eevee “Sparky” and got a jolteon. My partner named his “Pyro” and got a flareon.

  • Angela

    What nickname should I use to get umbreon?

    • DeathRider

      They’ve only added the main 3 eeveelutions so far


    I renamed mine but with the considerable lack of eevees in my area it won’t evolve for quite some time.

  • Eugene

    Got 4 Jolteons in a row after naming all eevee Rainer. Sucks too since Vaporeon is op at the moment at least.

  • Aleia Mullis

    I had the same problem and was super frustrated, but the 2nd time I tried I logged out and back in after re-naming and it worked like a charm.

  • Vanessa

    Mine didn’t work. I tried all 3 names and couldn’t evolve. Help!?

  • Em

    Pyro didn’t work for me. Instead of a Flareon, I got another Vaporeon.

  • Flick Lewis-Driver

    Just edit the name to the actual Pokemon you want don’t worry about sparky or pyro etc, if you want flareon just put that, if you want Joltreon type that etc….just put a capital letter at the start, it has worked without fail for me every time

  • April Heartfilia

    Are those the only eeveelutions available in go?

  • Andlib Farooq

    It works with other names too, I named mine Electro and it turned in to Jolteon :)

  • Collin Brumm

    I’ve done this for all of them twice but the last time I tried Rainer I got I flareon however I did forget to close the app to save it. has anyone been able to get vaporeon twice?

  • rhudeboy

    I have a question PLEASE! I have all 3 evolution now. Caught a 511 Eevvee and named this one rainer and it turned into a jolton nstead :( any reason? Could it be because i have all 3? so sad! lol

  • ICES_ POP_RITSU (Squidgirl_nya

    In future Reference for generation 2 Pokemon changing Eevee’s Nickname to Sakura gives an Espeon.

  • Eevee

    How do I get a Umbreon

    • rhudeboy

      whens this happen?

  • Julie Saunders

    I nicknamed my eevee Rainer and it evolved into a flareon! Could have been because I already had a vaporeon nicknamed Rainer? I also already had a flareon nicknamed pyro.

  • Jenna Alyssa Rebolledo Frahm

    Worked for me! :)

  • Henry

    It works

  • Ryan Smith

    Totally Works

  • Liliana Granger

    Worked for me I have all 3

  • Kittycane

    It worked for my first three. Fourth one was a bust. Named it sparky and got flareon, same for my friend.

  • Jesse

    Named my eevee sparky twice and got a flareon and no jolteon I did close it and even restarted my phone to be on the safe side wasted over 50 eevee candy I got a 1236 flareon but I want a jolteon please what am I doing wrong ???

  • Tanner Joseph

    It only works your first time around tho :( once you use a nickname, if you use the nickname again it won’t work 100% of the time. I got a vaporeon when i put in rainer, got a jolteon when i put in sparky then got flareon when i put in pyro, which is good because the trick worked up to this point for my first three eevee evolutions. Since then I have evolved 4 eevees and nicknamed the all Rainer, and all four have turned into flareons :( which is my least favorite eevee evolution.

  • Paige

    Does anyone know how to evolve an Eevee into an espion?

  • geraldpitman

    Wot about umbreon espeon sylvan glacé on and leafeon

  • Amanda Holly Lafferty

    Worked for me! Wonder if I can get an umbreon or espeon….

  • Hayden

    Evolved eevee to vaporeon and jolteon by following these instructions haven’t tried evolved one to flareon yet

  • Gengar

    Hey people. This trick has a 1 time 100% guarantee for each type. So unfortunately, that eevee i had with literally perfect ivs, nicknamed Sparky, turned into vaporeon. Super bummed. But still perfect ivs. May i suggest not evolving any eevee until you have 3 with perfect ivs, then try each. As i had already done this now instead of 100% i just have a better chance when giving eevee one of those lame nicknames.

  • Mariam

    It worked for me, named it Pyro and got an adorable Flareon!!

  • Mary Barnes

    I gave my Eevee the name of Pyro & when I evolved that Eevee it became a flareon.

  • Starr

    Worked for me now working on getting espeon and umbreon

  • xMark

    I named my Eevee to Eevee(Vapor) and it actually evolved into Vaporeon. Now, i named the other two – Eevee(Jolt) and Eevee(Flare).

  • Kayle

    Wrong wrong I used Rainer twice and got jolteon both times.

  • Jonathan Edgar Davison Foz

    Is umbreon really available already?

  • Jonathan Edgar Davison Foz

    Oh and uuhh all three names worked for me. I repeated it several times already and got good results. Im wondering if the umbreon evolution is true though.

  • Deex Jadeer

    I try to changed my evee nickname to Rainer and close the app then start again, nothing happened. Also my evee candy is 14 only..

    • Tesu

      You do know you have to evolve it after you open the app again. Also, to evolve and eevee you need 25 eevee candies.

  • kaushik

    What about if we want to evolve eevee into unbreon or espeon or leafeon or glyceon?

  • Nona

    I named my Eevee that I want to be an umbreon “Umber” and the Eevee I want to be a espeon “Espy” (although that is the name of a Yokai).

  • Nona

    How do I get a umbreon?

  • Jesse

    Worked perfectly for me

  • Linajo74

    It worked for me! I have all three now!

  • Alex

    It works

  • Skyleer Fellows

    Does anyone know how to get Eevee to evolve to Glaceon

  • Skyleer Fellows

    Or any other forms of EV like the unknown and the other ones besides the Clarion Jolteon and vapreon

  • Skyleer Fellows

    Besides the other evolutions of Eevee Jolteon Flareon and vapreon

  • Shawna

    If you don’t nickname them, they automatically turn into jolteon after evolving them.

  • Rohan

    Can I evolve my evee into an umbreon or an espeon. Is there any way to do that??

  • Bella

    It worked my Vaporeon is 1,227

  • Bella

    The CP is so high

  • Lauren Woodbury

    It works!! I named my Evee sparky and I got a jolteon!!!

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