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Pokemon Go Guide: How To Get A Specific Eeveelution From Your Eevee

by Dean James


The absolutely incredible popularity of Pokemon Go just seems to be getting even bigger as the days go on, and with each passing day we learn even more about the game itself. Ever since launch, players have been wondering if you could actually control which Eeveelution you get, and now it appears we have a legitimate way.

There were rumors at first that were quickly proven false, such as it being based on that Eevee’s moveset. We were really beginning to wonder if there was anyway at all to control this, rather than it being completely random, and it appears there actually is a way that has ties to the anime series.

As first revealed by a poster on Reddit and confirmed by pretty much everyone that followed this in the thread afterwards, you can in fact choose which Eeveelution you want by changing the nickname of the Eevee.

Rather than being like changing their names to the actual evolutions, the nicknames are based off of the Pokemon anime, which had an episode based on a group of brothers named the Eevee Brothers. The names of these brothers were Pyro, Rainer, and Sparky, who owned a Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon respectively.

What you need to do is go and give a nickname to the Eevee you want to evolve and name it one of Pyro, Rainer, or Sparky. After doing this, make sure to force close the game and reload, just to make sure the updated name hits the servers. Then after opening the game back up, evolve that Eevee and it should turn into the corresponding Eeveelution.

This method may seem rather farfetched, but it seems to be very true based on the massive amount of people across Reddit and other sites saying it to be so, as well as testing it out myself on an Eevee. It will certainly be interesting to see if this secret naming way is carried over in some way when the other Eeveelutions are eventually added later. Make sure to let us know in the comments whether or not this works for you, as it should let you decide just which Eeveelution you get.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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