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Pokemon Go Guide: How To Get More Stardust

by Dean James


Pokemon Go just released and it seems like everyone is playing it right now, as it finally give you the opportunity to travel in the real world and capture virtual Pokemon. There are a number of different items that you can collect in the game, and one very important one is Stardust.

Stardust is used to help try and make your Pokemon stronger, so you’re obviously going to need a lot in the game. Like we told you about with Candy, the game doesn’t exactly spell out how to get more Stardust, so we’re here to tell you just how.

The first way to get Stardust is to simply keep catching Pokemon. Along with the specific Pokemon Candy you receive for catching, you get the use with anyone Stardust. However, unlike Candy, you do not get any for transferring a Pokemon back to Professor Willow.

There is another way you can earn Stardust as well, which likely will require Stardust as well. If you take over a gym and can stay there each day, you will get rewards, such as coins and also Stardust. So you’re going to need Stardust to strengthen your Pokemon to then be good enough to hold a gym for you.

This is definitely a case of just keep grinding and either finding more Pokemon or strengthening your existing ones and you’ll rack up plenty of Stardust in no time.

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