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Pokemon GO Guide: How to Add Friends

Find out how to add friends in Pokemon GO

by Kyle Hanson


Some of the most fun in Pokemon GO is making friends with other players who you’d never interact with otherwise. And yet, until this week there was no way to actually interact with each other in the game, other than raids and gym battles. Now though, with the addition of Friends and Trading, Pokemon GO is becoming even more community focused. But the new feature does require some work on the player’s part to get everything up and running, and if you want to trade, you need to be friends. To help out, here’s our quick guide on how to add friends in Pokemon GO.

Acting sort of similar to how Nintendo has handled friends in the past, each Pokemon GO player will have a unique ID number that will be used to add each other to the Friends list. By selecting your Trainer Card at the bottom left of the main screen you can find your Trainer ID. Give this to the other player, and you have everything you need. Now just swipe to the right to pull up the Friends menu. Here you can choose Add Friend, enter the code, and you’ll be linked up.

You can now interact in various ways, including trading Pokemon between each other. Doing any of these activities will raise your friendship level, making trades cheaper on your Stardust wallet.

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