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Pokemon Go Guide: How to Earn Coins and Stardust in New Gyms

by Kyle Hanson


We had a perfectly serviceable selection of Pokemon Go guides and Niantic had to go and change everything on us. Oh well, it just means there’s more to discover in this new world, and we’re here to help you out with the brand new gym system first of all. Raids will come later, so we’ll be ready to help you out there soon, but for now let’s explore how to earn coins and Stardust in new gyms for Pokemon Go.

Before this latest update players simply had to toss their Pokemon into a gym, then they could wait to add more to others or cash out immediately for a quick shot of 10 coins and 500 Stardust. This is no longer the case, with new gyms operating very differently than the original ones for Pokemon Go.

New Pokemon Go gyms work off of time spent defending the gym itself. This is still early on so things might get changed or new quirks might get discovered, but here’s what we know so far. By adding a Pokemon to one of the new gyms you are starting a process to earn coins. As long as your Pokemon stays in the gym he’ll earn 1 coin for every hour spent in there. This will then be delivered to you when he is kicked out by another player.

This alters a lot about the Pokemon Go gym experience. For one, you no longer want to just take over a gym quickly, expecting to be kicked out. If the gym is flipping back and forth there is literally no reason at all to try to take it over. Instead you want to find stable gyms and get your Pokemon in there. You then want to tend to them and any other Pokemon in the gym by feeding them berries. This will raise their motivation, making the gym tougher to take over.

After that it’s really just a waiting game. One important thing to note is that there is still a 100 coin per day cap. This seems very hard to hit, but if you have a bunch of Pokemon out in gyms for a long time and they are all returned to you on the same day, you might encounter it. Overall though you really just want to look for gyms that your Pokemon can get into and stay in.

That’s it so far for how to earn coins and Stardust in new gyms for Pokemon Go. The new update is still getting figured out, so we’ll get guides out as soon as more info is known.

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