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Pokemon Go Guide: How To Keep App Running On Your Phone In Standby

by Dean James


Pokemon Go has officially been out three weeks now and in that time since launch we’ve learned quite a lot about the game, with new tips and tricks popping up every day. One of the biggest flaws with the game is that you can’t truly close the app and still interact with it, but there is one way that you can somewhat do this.

While there is no way to completely have your phone in standby and still be finding Pokemon or getting steps towards hatching your Pokemon eggs, the game does offer one mode that you must enable that can help.

You can, of course, just leave your phone on the app in your pocket with the screen brightness turned all the way down to conserve battery, but that’s still going to drain is pretty quickly. Instead, what you’re going to want to do is use the game’s Battery Saver feature.

Battery Saver can be enabled in the settings menu, which can be found by pressing the Poke Ball in the bottom middle of the screen and then pressing the cog in the top right. There were some glitches with this not staying selected for the first week or two of launch, but mine personally has stayed selected consistently over the last week or so.

What Battery Saver actually does is not explained in the game, but it essentially is the only way you can use the game while not keeping the screen on the game at all times. By holding the screen upright, you won’t notice any difference, but by flipping it upside down, it will change to a very dark screen with a very faded Pokemon Go logo. If you keep the phone in your pocket like this, you will still get vibrations when Pokemon are near, as well as getting steps towards your eggs.

Hopefully we can eventually get a way for the game to alert of us nearby Pokemon through some sort of push notifications to where we can put our phones in standby, but Battery Saver is the only way to do this for now.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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