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Pokemon Go Guide: Is Your Nearby Pokemon Tracker Glitching?

by Dean James


Pokemon Go has been a rousing success in the almost two weeks that it has been out, with that consistently expanding to other countries as well. With this much success has also come its fair share of problems, with the latest popping up only in the last few days.

The tracking system in Pokemon Go is rather confusing in of itself as we’ve explained before, with the up to three footprints away signifying the general distance a Pokemon is from you. However, what you may notice right now when opening the app is that all your Pokemon are at the same distance.

Due to some sort of glitch, it appears that the nearby Pokemon tracker in Pokemon Go is messing up. Rather than showing levels from zero, one, two, and three, every single Pokemon that shows up on your list will likely have three underneath it.

Thankfully, this does not mean that every Pokemon that is located nearby is very far away. It instead just means that the distance marker is misreading, which means you may have a Pokemon registering as three steps away, yet they will appear right before you.

While the number of steps is incorrect right now, their placement on the nearby Pokemon tracker is still accurate. This means that the one on the top left is the closest to you, with it moving left to right and then by row. Hopefully this can help you keep on the Pokemon hunt, as it still makes possible for you to try Pokemon until this issue is fixed, though it definitely makes it a little bit more difficult.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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