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Pokemon Go Guide: Top Five Buddy Pokemon To Use

| September 12, 2016

Pokemon Go Guide: Top Five Buddy Pokemon To Use GameGuides Mobile  Pokemon Go Guides Pokemon Go Guide Pokemon Go

So you have the Pokemon Go buddy update, but which Pokemon do you choose to go on an adventure with? Who will give you the most bang for your distance walked? That is where we come in. We have the top five Pokemon to use as your buddy in Pokemon Go to get the best results from your walking.

#5 -Charmander/Charmeleon
Everyone’s favorite fire type. Why is he a great option? Well he only will cost you 125 candy to level up to a Charizard. Earning 1 candy at 3Km is not bad either. It takes 25 to level Charmander to his secondary form (Charmeleon) and then another 100 for his final form. Not bad at all.

#4- Dratini/Dragonair
Another great option as it is only 125 to level Dratini to their final form of Dragonite. The only downside is that it is required 5Km per candy for Dratini and Dragonair so you won’t be earning them as fast as Charmander/Charmeleon would.

#3- Omanyte
Earning one candy per 5km isn’t all that enticing, but when you put into perspective that it only requires them to gather 50 candy to evolve. Well, that just may change your thinking if you want an Omastar following you around.

#2- Kabuto
Like Omanyte, Kabuto may take 5km of walking to earn one candy, but he will only require 50 candy to evolve into the sharp edged Kabutops. So he makes for an interesting choice as a buddy.

#1- Grimer
Sure, he may be a puddle of ooze looking thing, but he will be earning one candy per 3km and only require 50 to turn into Muk. You really can’t argue with those options.

Remember, these are the best choices based on candy earned and how much candy it takes to evolve them. Check out our other Pokemon Go Guides that will help you choose the best pokemon to buddy with. Try our ‘Getting Started’ guide on how to equip a buddy with the new update, or see how far you have to walk with your favorite.

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  • Pokefan

    Grimer evolves into Muk
    not the other way around

  • Jonathan Cani

    These tips are important, much simpler to see tables and more tables of information.

    I made a parody of the movie, you will love to see it. Haha kk

  • Benjamin Franklin

    Charmander requires 3 km per candy, not 2.
    Dratini requires 5 km per candy, not 3.
    Omanyte requires 5 km per candy, not 3.
    Kabuto requires 5 km per candy, not 3.
    Grimer requires 3 km per candy, not 2. I’m fact, no Pokemon earns candy from walking 2 km.

    Literally every one of these is wrong. It’s hard to find accurate information about this game with so many websites reporting rumors and false information as fact.

  • Dom P

    “it will only cost you 125 candy to level up” 125 is literally the highest amount possible to level up and you make it seem like a deal lmao. Man being an internet “journalist” has to top the lists of easiest jobs.

    • Jay Dee

      Guess you forgot abt Magikarp needing 400 candy to evolve

  • RussinSactown

    I have a Magikarp named Carlos. 1km per candy and between catching Magikarp and hunting, I’ll have a Gyrados in no time!