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Pokémon GO Heatran Raid Guide – The Best Counters (January 2021)

How to beat Heatran in January 2021

by Kyle Hanson


Many players may be anxious for a new legendary Pokémon for five star raids in Pokémon GO but returning favorites are often just as good. For January 2021 there’s a big one coming back with Heatran making his way to Pokémon GO gyms all around the world once again. With so much having changed in the game since his last appearance it’s time to explore all the best new counters. Here’s our Pokémon GO Heatran raid guide for January 2021.

Pokémon GO Heatran Raid Guide

The best counters against Heatran in Pokémon GO for January 2021 can be found below, so scroll down there if you know all the specifics and just want to pick a team. For those who want all the details we’ve answers some of the biggest questions first.

When do Heatran Raids Begin and End in January 2021

Heatran will be featured as the legendary raid boss for one week in January 2021. Raids will begin on Tuesday, January 12th at 10am your local time and continue until Tuesday, January 19th at 10am. At that time the legendary raid boss will be changed to Kyogre and Groudon so watch for our new raid guide then.

How Many Players are Needed

Heatran isn’t the toughest five star raid boss in Pokémon GO thanks to his double weakness against ground type attacks. Two trainers with a solid set of powered up counters can take him out, but few will have the teams to do it. So we would recommend going in with at least four players unless you’re very confident in your counters.

What Weather Boosts

As a dual Fire and Steel type Pokémon, Heatran will be boosted from either Sunny or Snowy weather. Look for these only if you want a tougher challenge with a level 25 Heatran as a reward. If you want your counters boosted you should watch for Clear or Sunny weather instead. This will boost your Ground type attacks making for a quicker battle.

What CP for 100% IVs

Normally Heatran’s CP range is 2058 to 2145 CP when caught, but a boosted one will be 2573 to 2681 CP instead. Watch for those higher numbers if you care about the IVs and be sure to use Golden Razz and try for excellent throws if you get one that’s perfect.

How to Get Shiny Heatran

Heatran will be available in shiny form during raids in January 2021 so this is a good time to catch one. Of course, it’s all down to luck with about one in twenty five star raid bosses showing up as shiny. It is a guaranteed catch if you get one so feel free to use a Pinap Berry to get it if you are lucky enough to find one.

The Best Heatran Counters

And now on to the best counters against Heatran in Pokémon GO for January 2021. Below is a chart of all the normal counters, but keep in mind that some rare finds are event better. Shadow versions of the below can be the preferred counter if you have removed Frustration. These include Shadow Swampert with Mud Shot and Earthquake and Shadow Flygon with Mud Shot and Earth Power. Otherwise you should be good to choose from any of the below.

Pokémon Fast Attack Charged Attack
Garchomp Mud Shot Earthquake
Landorus Mud Shot Earth Power
Rhyperior Mud-Slap Earthquake
Groudon Mud Shot Earthquake
Excadrill Mud-Slap Drill Run
Rhydon Mud-Slap Earthquake
Golurk Mud-Slap Earth Power
Krookodile Mud-Slap Earthquake
Golem Mud-Slap Earthquake
Donphan Mud-Slap Earthquake
Swampert Mud Shot Earthquake
Flygon Mud Shot Earthquake

And that’s our Pokémon GO Heatran raid guide for January 2021, showing you all the best counters and how to beat the legendary beast.

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