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Pokemon GO: How to Beat Kyogre with the Best Counters

The best Pokemon to fight against Kyogre

by Kyle Hanson

Niantic is launching a special Hoenn region focused event, which means fan-favorite creatures Kyogre and Groudon will be returning to Legendary Raids all around the world. We’ve already shown you the best counters against Groudon, so now it’s time to break down his watery foe. Here’s how to beat Kyogre with the best counters in Pokemon GO.

For Kyogre, counters are all about electricity or grass. While I list out the best attackers, if you don’t have any of them, focus on these two types to take him down. Also pay attention to the weather and Kyogre’s moveset. Depending on his charge move your team will either last awhile, dealing tons of damage, or get knocked out with a single attack. If the latter happens, just refocus your team so that they aren’t so vulnerable to his charge move. Here’s the best counters against Kyogre, along with their preferred moveset…

Raikou – Thunder Shock of Volt Switch and Wild Charge
Electivire – Thunder Shock and Wild Charge
Roserade – Razor Leaf and Solar Beam
Venusaur – Vine Whip and Frenzy Plant or Solar Beam
Luxray – Spark and Wild Charge
Mewtwo – Confusion and Thunderbolt
Zapdos – Charge Beam or Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt

Some alternatives include Breloom and either version of Exeggutor, with their usual best moveset. Put together a team featuring theses Pokemong and you should have a perfect counter against Kyogre. Of course, you still need a team of likeminded players, so make sure to share this info around. You can also help yourself if the weather is right, with clear/sunny weather boosting your grass type Pokemon, and rain giving you more power for electric attacks.

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