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Pokémon GO – How to Catch a Ditto (March 2021)

Which Pokémon can be Ditto and how to find one

by Kyle Hanson


Since the day it debuted Ditto has been one of the rarest characters in all of Pokémon GO. At first it was because he hadn’t been introduced as Niantic worked out how his unique abilities would work. But now it’s simply because you never know how or where he might show up. To help you find them and complete certain tasks in the game, here’s tips and tricks for how to catch a Ditto in Pokémon GO for March 2021.

How to Catch a Ditto in Pokémon GO

Ditto isn’t like the other Pokémon in Pokémon GO. He won’t show up on your Nearby radar screen or even on the overworld map in the wild. Instead he uses his ability to Transform into other characters to hide in plain sight. That Pidgey across the street could be a Ditto, or the Rattata right next to you. You only know once you catch them.

If they are Ditto then the word Oh? will appear above the Poké Ball and you’ll soon see what you actually caught. But this means there’s no way to actively hunt Ditto as you play Pokémon GO. You can do a few things to increase the odds of finding one, starting with catching the Pokémon that can be Ditto in the first place.

Which Pokémon can be Ditto

Here’s a list of the various Pokémon species we have confirmed can be a Ditto in March 2021. Check back for future updates in case things change.

  • Paras
  • Hoothoot
  • Spinarak
  • Hoppip
  • Remoraid
  • Whismur
  • Gulpin
  • Nummel
  • Bidoof
  • Foongus

So the goal when hunting for a Ditto in Pokémon GO is to search everywhere for any of these species and catch them all. You can use a catch device like the Pokémon GO Plus, but Ditto can be tough to catch so they may flee more easily. Still, quantity over quality is the key here so try to catch as many as possible if you’re desperately searching for the purble blob.

Lures and Incense can help with this, since they increase the spawn rate of Pokémon, and often result in the common spawns listed above. If you’re actively playing for a while try to use them to see if they help. Incubators are useless here though as Ditto cannot hatch from eggs.

How to Catch Shiny Ditto

With all of this Ditto hunting going on you may wonder if the result could be a Shiny Ditto added to your collection. Unfortunately, they are not available in the wild. Instead Shiny Ditto was offered as part of the paid ticket portion of the recent GO Tour Kanto event. If you bought the ticket you just need to finish the first set of Special Research to get a Shiny Ditto of your very own. But that is currently the only way to get one in Pokémon GO.

So that’s how to catch a Ditto in Pokémon GO for March 2021.

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