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Pokémon GO – How to Catch Plusle and Minun (Valentine’s Day Collection Challenge)

Wild spawns? Incense? Field Research?

by Kyle Hanson


Hardcore Pokémon GO players recently struggled to catch Plusle and Minun as part of the Hoenn Collection Challenge, but they have come back again. This time they’re a part of the Pokémon GO Valentine’s Day Collection Challenge, and they could present just as difficult a catch as before. To help, here’s some tips and tricks for how to catch Plusle and Minun for the Valentine’s Day Collection Challenge in Pokémon GO.

How to Catch Plusle and Minun

What made Plusle and Minun some a tough catch in the last Collection Challenge was that players had to get them via Field Research tasks. These are entirely random, being given to players for spinning Poké Stops during the event. However, for the Valentine’s Day event things are simpler.

This time around Plusle and Minun will have their spawn rate boosted in the wild, letting you catch them normally during the event. However, there’s no guarantee that the boost will be enough, so you may have to explore a bit to find them in the wild. And to help with this we recommend using Incense whenever you’ll be playing long enough to take advantage of it.

This will increase the amount of Pokémon that appear near you and they’ll be drawn from the event spawn pool. Since this includes both Plusle and Minun you will increase the odds of them appearing by quite a bit. This seems like the best way to get them with what we know about the event so far, but check back in case there are any updates. Last time there was an Incense event on the last day of the Collection Challenge that made them much more common, so that could happen again.

Otherwise that’s how to catch Plusle and Minun for the Valentine’s Day Collection Challenge in Pokémon GO.

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